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In Memory of Goldie

Jan 14, 2006 5:39 am
Our beloved Cat Goldie died,He will be greatly missed, We had him since he was 6 weeks old. If he made it until Febuary he would have been 16 years old.

In his last days he took to loving to snuggle more with us
I wrapped him in a baby blanket and he would sleep in my arms.
Even when he was growing weak, if you held him or petted him he would purr. We feel he knew he was loved to the very end, he died curled up next to Roger,he went peacefully.We buried him next to Lady. They grew up together, now they are together at rainbow bridge. Rest in Peace Beloved Goldie .
We love you.

A much loved Diva Sister made these beautiful graphics for
me in Goldies memory. Thanks so much Peggy. Luv ya.

This Graphic was made by my Diva sister Judy
Thanks Judy, its so beautiful.

This graphic was made by my Diva Sister Joanne

Thank-you Joanne

Thank you Wendy for the beautiful graphic