Awards Page 4

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Award received June 5,1998

Award received June 5,1998

Angels Heaven

both above awards are from Angel,
thanks angel for these awards.

Award received June 8, 1998

Angels Home

Award received June 10,1998
Coastieswife's Home

Cherokee County

Award receive June 19,1998

Petit"s House

Award Received June 26,1998

I am so honored to receive this special award

Angels Heartland Heaven

Award Received July 2,1998

SunsetAngels Angel and Cherub links

Angelynn Award

Award Received Oct 9,1998

Award Received Jan 6, 1999 My first Award for the new year

Gunder Place

Award Received Jan 25,1999

Award Received March 26,1999

Award Received April 5,1999