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Music is the voice of angels

Angels help us spread our wings and fly

Happy is the heart that believes in angels..

If you walk in love, you walk with angles

Angels have wings to carry your prayers

Listen closely to the winds,
and hear the gentle whisper
of an angel's wings in flight.
Look, far into the sky
and see the shimmering stardust
left behind.

When prayers go up, blessings go down

An Angel falls from heaven with each drop of rain to guide it to its place

Wherever you go, whatever you do, May your guardian angel watch over you

A company of angels follows us wherever we go. They share everything with
us - our happiest hours and deepest sorrow.

A kind soul is inspired by angels.

An angel can illuminate the darkest path.

An angels gift is a gift of hope like snowflakes, no two angels are alike.

Angel sent from up above, please protect the ones I love.

Angels are a natural part of the scenery, so don't be surprised if you
don't recognize them right away.

Angels are the guardians of our souls.

Angels are the light that illuminates our souls divinity.

Angels give us faith to wait for mysteries to be revealed.

Everyone has a Guardian Angel.
Your Guardian Angel is a
guardian not only of you,
but of the limitless capacity for happiness
and potential for the positive
that you have within you. "
~ Terry Lynn Taylor and Mary Beth Crain ~
Angel Wisdom